It’s Official

by Tammy on December 12, 2017

I am officially a Ph.D student as of yesterday. It happened so fast! I sent my application in on Friday, sent my required documents to my adviser on Saturday, and by Monday at 5:00pm I knew I had been accepted. There was almost a glitch, though, which I should have expected since the rest of the process went so smoothly. I got my enrollment notice and the tuition was much higher than it should have been. I thought maybe they did away with the tuition benefit for faculty, but Dan contacted HR and they are going to make an adjustment. The last day of my biostats class is January 17th and my classes at Trident start on January 15, so unless by some miracle I get my butt in gear and finish my classes early, I will have no break in between. I am having a tough time getting motivated right now for some reason. I am going to work tomorrow (I picked up a job at Leonard Lawrence, one of my favorite places to teach) but then Thursday and Friday I am just going to focus on getting a bunch of papers written. I really don’t want to be stressed out over Christmas.

On that note, I probably ought to call it a night and get ready for tomorrow. Fortunately the school I’m teaching at tomorrow is just two subdivisions over, so it will take me less than ten minutes to get there, but I like to cook my lunch the morning of work, so I still need to get up and early and don’t want to have to shower in the morning so I have time to catch up on FB. Have a great Wednesday!

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