by Tammy on November 24, 2017

So today, I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over. I would say that my first plant based Thanksgiving was a huge success and everything I made turned out good, but it was A LOT of work. I prepped for several hours the night before and then cooked for several hours yesterday, and aside from a little bit of help here and there, I single-handedly threw the entire meal together, plus did most of the cleaning. Dan and April expressed their appreciation several times, but my nephew, who I made sure to make plenty of extras for, did not so much as utter a simple thank-you. In fact, when I asked him how it was, he merely grunted. He is without a doubt the most ungrateful human being I have ever met. He has never thanked anyone for anything. April bought him a hat–it was no big deal, but she thought about him–and he threw it aside and left without it. I mean, I get that he had a hard childhood, but that is no excuse to be a complete and utter ingrate. For Christmas Eve I have decided that we will eat before we go to my mom’s and I will not go out of my way to provide food for my nephew again. I know that sounds harsh, but this has been a sore spot for me for many years. He even completely blew my brother (his dad) off last night when he tried to talk to him. My son, who lives with him, agrees that he is terrible. He will not get very far in life if he doesn’t straighten his act up.

Aside from that, I very much enjoyed Thanksgiving. Ben had to work, but two of his clients had other places to be, so Ben came to my mom’s with his other client, who I really like. We joked and listened to music and ate (and drank, unfortunately) and I felt really miserable by the end of the night. Dan and I did manage to get in a short walk, but I way overate, something I never wanted to do again. All the food was vegan, but I cooked with nuts and flours and dried cranberries, so it was much higher calorie than I am used to eating. Plus I bought a bottle of wine and then my mom pulled out some old alcohol and I sampled this and that before I knew it, I’d had too much. I drank a lot of water before bed so I every time I woke up I was able to fall back to sleep, but I woke up a lot and had a lot of weird dreams. I am going to limit myself to one small glass of wine with dinner for Christmas and then starting in the new year, I am going to try to completely abstain. I really do enjoy the relaxed feeling I get from drinking a glass of wine, but it is too easy to get carried away and drink too much. It is so not worth it.

Today my plan is to clean my kitchen back up and work on my school assignments. I really need to get going on that stats class since I got nothing done over the past two days. I work three days next week so I need to get busy and try to use the next five days wisely. Other than that, I would like to take a walk because it’s supposed to be very warm, but windy, today. We don’t get many days like this at this time of the year, especially sunny and warm days, so I need to take advantage of it. I hope you all had a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Bring on Christmas!

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Susan November 25, 2017 at 10:53 pm

Hi Tammy, I understand over indulging! I am sorry you have to deal with some one that is so ungrateful. So now you are going to move? To Alabama or Florida? And will you keep your motor home? I hope it all works out for you! Hugs


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