Vegan Thanksgiving Prep

by Tammy on November 12, 2017

Today is the last day of my four day weekend and I was planning to be productive, but I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. One big chore I completed was to nail down (for the most part) my Thanksgiving menu. This is actually my second “vegetarian” Thanksgiving. The first was several years ago and I did not know what I was doing, so it was a bit disappointing. This year I’m going to try hard to make it better. Dan, April, and I are all plant based, as is my nephew, and Matt, my oldest, will probably eat a combination of plant based foods and regular Thanksgiving fare. I keep finding new ideas, but I am going for simple–I do not want to be overwhelmed with complicated dishes. I still prefer easy dishes with relatively few ingredients. I am planning to take the entire week of Thanksgiving off work. I’ll have worked eight days this month even if I do, which I think is sufficient. I’ll pick up a few days in December and then call it good until we get back from Florida in April. Anyway, having the week off will give me plenty of time to shop, chop, and prepare for the big day. I’m going to try to cook as much as I can the night before so that Thanksgiving Day is laid back. I found a recipe for a quinoa pie crust that I’d like to make a pumpkin pie out of because Dan loves pumpkin pie, but regular crusts are so unhealthy. I’m sure he will probably cheat a little, but he is still doing about 99% better than he was a year ago.

My mom is going to make a small turkey and all the fixings for the omnivores. I’m glad she didn’t ask me to make anything with meat this year. I probably would have done it, but I would not have been happy about it. There will be about six people eating the standard Thanksgiving fare and five eating mostly vegan. It’s a pretty even mix. Christmas will be easier because I will just cook a small vegan meal for my family and invite my mom to come if she wants to.

I bought myself an early Christmas present–a Breville Smart Oven Air! I have heard so many good things about them, but the price was prohibitive ($399.99!) Well, last week there was a huge manufacturer’s sale, 20% off, which brought the price down to $319.99 and on top of that, Bed, Bath, and Beyond honored a coupon that gave an additional 20% off, so it was too good of a deal to pass up. So far I have used it several times. I have air fried brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, and regular white potatoes. Tonight I air fried Hawaiian sweet potatoes for dinner and had them with Chef AJ’s red lentil chili. Before that I had a salad with an infused sesame and ginger vinegar and it was soooo good! I am still sometimes amazed at how good some foods that I despised a year ago taste to me now. I have other big plans for it, but those ideas will probably need to wait until after Thanksgiving.

The weather finally warmed up enough for me and Dan to go for a walk today. Thursday or Friday we started on a walk and it lasted exactly 53 seconds. It was so cold and blustery that neither of us felt inclined to go further than our front sidewalk. It’s rare for Dan to “wimp out” in cold weather, but I think his weight loss has him empathizing with me a bit more this year. Today was sunny and about 50° with a very light wind, so we walked about four and a half miles. It felt good to get out and do something. We haven’t walked since we walked on the beach a couple of weeks ago.

Ok, I’m off to try to figure out an assignment and maybe watch a couple more episodes of This is Us before I head up to bed. I hope you all have a blessed week before Thanksgiving week. I cannot believe we are only eleven days away from the start of the holiday season. I’m thinking about putting the tree up on Wednesday. I guess we’ll see how motivated I’m feeling…

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Susan November 13, 2017 at 9:40 pm

Hi Tammy I would like the recipe to your pumpkin pie. No one is a vegan here so we are having a small turkey. We will have a salad and sweet potatoes without all the sweet stuff. Not sure if we will do the green bean casserole unless we make it from scratch. It will be interesting for sure. Jr made a chicken soup with lots of veggies and it was so good. I made brown rice in the rice cooker. We really need to do more walking!


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