Staying on Track

by Tammy on October 24, 2017

Hello again from the sunny Gulf Coast! I am sitting in the camper eating my baked potato with corn, tomatoes, black beans, onion, Chef AJ’s “yummy” sauce, and Mrs. Dash’s onion and herbs seasoning and contemplating going for a walk afterward. Actually, I’m not contemplating whether I should go for a walk, but rather whether or not I should wait for Dan to get home from work. His day is only scheduled to go until 1:00 today, another forty-five minutes, but it could go longer depending on how much everyone talks. There is a camp store not far from our site that I’d like to visit and I definitely want to get to the beach again. Yesterday we went after Dan got home and it was an absolutely stunning walk. I did not want to leave, but we had a dinner to go to (which was, as I suspected, not worth going to because there was very little WFPB-friendly food–actually, there was nothing, but I did end up eating some roasted squash (it had a little coating of some sauce that I am sure was not compliant) and two dinner rolls, which were definitely not compliant, but I figured they’d have a salad and I brought my dressing, but alas, no salad. 🙁 ) I got to chat with my old boss, who is also a Christian, so it was not a wasted evening, but the beach still would have been nicer, lol.

Tomorrow is Dan’s longest work day, but I am having lunch with a friend so I will have the truck. I might even venture out and go shopping after lunch, since Michelle needs to go back to work. We are going to Lulu’s, which is the restaurant that Jimmy Buffet’s sister, Lucy, owns. They have a nice salad on the menu with balsamic vinegar dressing, so I think that’s what I’ll probably eat. Tomorrow night we have another dinner, but it is at a Japanese restaurant, so I know they will at least have steamed veggies and rice. Then, I think Thursday we have one more dinner and I have no idea where we will be going for that one. Hopefully I’ll know beforehand so I can decide whether or not I need to eat before I go. Sometime living this lifestyle is not easy, but it’s SOOO worth it!

Yesterday I also went to the beach with my friend Lori, and while we were there, she lost her phone, so I ended up walking over 17,000 steps. We didn’t set any Olympic records, but it was nice to be out doing something. I don’t have a lot of room to move in the camper and Sunday it had rained all day, so aside from going to church and Walmart, we were stuck inside and I only got 2500 steps. I’d love to get over 20,000 today.

With that said, I am going to change my clothes and walk over to the beach. Dan just informed me that he has a 1:00 meeting now and won’t be home until after 2:00, so I am going to take advantage of this beautiful weather until he can meet up with me.

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