I’m Finished!

by Tammy on May 26, 2017

Today was my very last day of work, and although in some ways I’m relieved, in others I’m sad. I felt really sad yesterday when I realized that it was the last time I’d see the kids. I thought I’d feel relieve, lol. I will really miss some of those little people. Today we finished getting the room straightened up so the janitors can work their magic over the summer and I was out of there by 11:30, so I went grocery shopping, even though I should have been working on my paper instead. I have had such a tough time getting motivated to write this paper. It is due tomorrow and I still have several pages left to write, but honestly, I know I’ll get it finished and it will all be fine.

On that note, however, I a lot has happened over the past couple of weeks. Last week I finally got tired of waiting for my next class to open, which starts in two weeks, so I emailed the administrative assistant asking her if I was actually enrolled. She sent me a syllabus so I could buy books, which I did on Friday. Well on Tuesday, she sent out an email informing the students in that class that the class is going through a major revision and the book list is changing. I was livid because 1) the syllabus is supposed to be available a month in advance and 2) how could they not know about a major revision to a class that is starting in 2 1/2 weeks?! Now I have to send my books back and pay double shipping and I am not a happy camper at all. I stewed about it all day and that evening Dan and I went for a walk and talked about it. I told him I had some reservations about what I would do with the degree. It’s not like Doctor of Educational Ministry is a popular degree, and honestly, a lot of people frown upon “professional” doctorates. Not that that really matters to me, but would I get hired by a Ph.d? And where would I get hired. Dan and I had talked about me adding on to my degree with some leadership classes and I was prepared to do that, but after the class revision thing, I really started wondering if I was on the right path. I also realized that, here at the end of the school year, I am not sure if I want to not work with kids. The thought of getting my teaching degree has passed through my mind several times in the past two years, even while finishing my master’s degree at Liberty and working on my doctorate.

So after I talked to Dan, I started contemplating just sucking up taking college algebra and going back to WGU. Dan even said he’d work problems with me and try to help me understand it. But then I ran across another school that has a similar program and requested information. It turns out that since I have a master’s degree, I do not have to take any additional math there and I could have a certificate to teach in twenty months. So I am now in the process of applying and if everything works out, I will start that program in August. My next doctoral class doesn’t start until December since I dropped the one they are revising, so I have time to decide. My life is such a roller coaster ride sometimes!

In other news, now that work is done, and after I finish writing my paper tomorrow, I will have lots of time to plan and cook meals, go to the gym, ride my bike, and take up running again. I’ve decided to put running a half marathon back on my bucket list.

Ok, so I didn’t finish this last night and now I am FINISHED WITH MY PAPER! I am FREE! Tomorrow is going to be a great day. I’m going to clean my house and get ready for Memorial Day and then next week I am going to start purging stuff I don’t use anymore and doing some work in the yard. Bring on summer!

Melanie Cook May 27, 2017 at 10:04 am

Tammy, I think you should follow your heart on this one. I’m glad your paper is done and you can relax this weekend. Have a great day.

Susan May 28, 2017 at 4:37 pm

Hi Tammy, so glad you were able to make revisions and get your teaching degree. I think it will be more rewarding for you. I have several friends that are teachers and they love it. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs

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