June 2017

More Changes

June 30, 2017

Well, we went to buy our trailer yesterday (Wednesday) and ended up purchasing a different one. Instead of the Aspen Trail, we went with a 35′ Shasta Revere. After my hair appointment went longer than expected, I called Dan to ask him if he wanted to just meet me at the dealership since he had […]

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The Truck Saga

June 27, 2017

Who knew that finding a truck would prove to be so challenging?? So, yesterday Dan and I went to a camper store and found the camper we want to buy. It’s a 31 1/2 foot Aspen Trail camper. I know that sounds really big, but it’s actually not. It has a small bedroom with a […]

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Hectic Day

June 23, 2017

Life has been hectic with tornado aftermath stuff, trying to get things done around the house so we can sell it, and miscellaneous odds-n-ends. I’ve gotten all my runs in though. We ran Tuesday and then today instead of yesterday because Dan had meetings all day and the tree trimmers were scheduled to come. They […]

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Tornado! And SPA

June 18, 2017

Well, it has been awhile. Wednesday’s and today’s training runs went well, but especially today’s. I felt really good and even ran a bit more than I was supposed to. And yes, I did work up a bit of a sweat. I’m surprised that it went as well as it did today because I didn’t […]

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Busy Busy

June 11, 2017

It’s been a busy few days. Getting ready to move is in full swing, so hubby is taking four day weekends in order to get things done. Yesterday he sorted through all his trade books in the basement and boxed up a bunch to give away. I did the same with my old school books […]

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