by Tammy on September 13, 2017

I have a tendency to get annoyed when I get interrupted. Case in point–yesterday I went to the grocery store, unloaded and put stuff away, and then I threw a sweet potato in the microwave. A couple of minutes later my son came down, grabbed a paper plate, and waited impatiently while my potato cooked. I told him I’d probably need a couple more minutes, but he informed me that he needed to leave for work in ten minutes. I immediately got annoyed because 1) he procrastinated and 2) it interrupted what I was doing (making my own lunch)! I wanted to tell him that it was his fault that he’d waited so long and that he should have been thinking about lunch long before needing to leave in ten minutes, but instead I bit my tongue and let him have the microwave for the two minutes he needed it for.

After I sat down with my lunch, I began to think about how petty it is for me to get all bent out of shape every time things interrupt me. After all, that is life. The only one on my schedule is me. Everyone else has their own schedule, and they rarely mesh. I’m sure that I interrupt my family from time-to-time and they allow me to, whether reluctantly or not. What does my impatience say about me as a person? That I am inflexible? I can be. That I care more about my schedule than the people in my life? May that not be the case! I’m not even working right now, so I have no reason to be so structured or in such a hurry. I have always been the kind of person who likes things to go my way, but that is unrealistic, and getting upset about it won’t change anything.

This whole scenario reminds me of when Jesus in Matthew 14:13-14, wanted to find solitude to mourn the death of John the Baptist, but the crowds followed him. Rather than become annoyed with His lack of privacy, He had compassion on them and did not turn them away. He thought more about others than He did about Himself. Yes, there is a lot I can learn from Jesus.

I am trying a new dish for dinner tonight. It is a sweet potato chili. I already have it cooked because it is supposed to “rest” for several hours. I will cook up some corn bread and some corn butter a little later. I’m excited to try it. It’s not very cool today, but there is still a slight “fall-ish” feeling to the air. I think it has more to do with the days getting shorter.

I also made up another batch of hummus. I usually make a new batch about every week and a half to two weeks. Technically I’m not supposed to keep it that long, but I’ve never had a problem. I put a lot of spices in it, so maybe that helps it keep longer. I also want to make a new batch of salad dressing. I make a walnut vinaigrette that Dr. Joel Furhman has in his cookbook. It’s pretty yummy. I wish I had the desire to eat salads more often. Usually when I do, though, it’s a huge salad with lots of veggies and some beans.

Dan suggested that he and I do some freelance writing about health and food. I got pretty excited about that proposition. I am passionate about two things–my faith and my diet–and that is only because I know that they both work! I truly want to see more people turning to a plant based diet in order to prevent and reverse disease. It’s so obvious to me that the food manufacturers only care about money. They don’t care if they keep us sick and miserable. I watched a few presentations that Dr. Alan Goldhamer gave and he showed the obesity maps from I believe 1986 to present, and it is amazing how fat and sick we have become as a nation. In fact, we are number one in the world, with 31% obese and 3/4 of Americans at least overweight, if not obese. I think about my dad, who has spent the past two or three decades fat, sick and miserable. He’s lost toes because of his diabetes and he’s been in the hospital with congestive heart failure. He’s had cancer and cancer scares. His blood pressure is sky high. But none of these things have persuaded him to stop drinking and smoking or to change his diet. I know that I will die some day, but I do not want to spend my last decade or two hopped up on drugs (and watching the cost of medications drain my bank account) or feeling bad. I want to LIVE my years the way I’ve lived my first years. Plus, as a Christian I have compassion on the animals. You only have to watch about two minutes of a documentary showing how slaughter houses treat animals to want to see things changed. I often wonder why more Christians are not vegan…

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