It’s Always Something

by Tammy on September 24, 2016

I decided not to renew my domain because I only kept it to make sure people would find my “new” domain. After two years, I figured it was okay to do away with it. Well, since it expired a couple of days ago I’ve had nothing but issues. Today my site totally disappeared for awhile because the company that I purchased my domain through changed my name servers. It seems to be fine now, but if my site disappears, do not fear because I will be back. I just renewed my hosting service for another year.

Things are hectic here for now, so I probably won’t post much until after Christmas anyway. My classes end on December 16th and by then I’m sure the holiday stuff will be in full swing. I will definitely try to post a few times between now and then, but the way it’s looking right now, it’ll be about once a month or so. It really will feel so good to have my degree finished, but I have a feeling it will be a bit of a letdown too. I truly would not mind getting a doctoral degree, but I just cannot justify spending the money for it. It is insanely expensive, unfortunately. If someone leaves me a fortune, maybe I’ll consider it. :-p

Anyway, back to my budget paper. I hope you all have a great weekend. I’m enjoying a thunderstorm right now. It really is great studying weather.

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Coming Up For a Breath of Air

September 2, 2016

Hello friends. I am sorry that I have been absent for so long. Things have been busy since school started up on August 8th. First, on the 7th after church I stopped at HyVee to grab donuts for our breakfast buffet for work on Monday morning and as I was pulling out of my parking […]

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Election (And I Don’t Mean the Presidential One)

August 6, 2016

I remember that I had to write a paper for one my classes and I chose to write about Calvinism versus Arminianism. At that point in time all I knew about it was that Calvinists believe in predestination and Arminians believe in free-will. At the time, I believe I was an Arminian. I wrote my […]

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A Little Fun

August 2, 2016

I’ve decided to take a break from the “heavy topic” posting today to share a fun story that showed up in my Facebook feed. There is a site called The Babylon Bee, which is a Christian satire site. I almost always laugh out loud when I read their articles, but this one made me chuckle […]

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On My Soapbox Again

July 29, 2016

I am sure that this post is not going to win me any popularity contests, but honestly, I just cannot keep silent about things that are wrong any longer. Christianity is in the toilet because people are creating a god in their own image and it needs to stop. I see it everywhere, but today […]

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