Enjoying the Warmth Before Winter Hits

by Tammy on December 16, 2017

We actually had a pretty decent day weather-wise. It was almost 50° and sunny with light wind, so Dan and I got out for a walk. The bottom is going to drop out on Thursday, though, and winter will arrive with a vengeance. I am not looking forward to it at all. I guess I’d better enjoy the next four days. I don’t have any jobs lined up for next week yet, but the only day I’d work would be Tuesday anyway. Wednesday I’m getting my hair done and Friday is a half day, and with Thursday turning winter-like, I know I’ll prefer to just stay home. As far as Monday goes, I typically don’t work Mondays because I like my three day weekends. A lot of subs don’t work on Monday, so it’s easy to get jobs, but I think I’ll use Monday to work on papers and start preparing for Christmas. I have the bulk of my shopping done, and I didn’t do much this year at all. Matt hasn’t told me what he wants, so I’ll probably just get him an Amazon gift card. I need to get one more thing for Ben, Dan’s gift came today, we all pitched in and bought my mom a new iPad, and I am giving my nieces money, so I’m set for the most part. I just need to wrap a few things and grocery shop for Christmas dinner. I have my Christmas Day menu planned out, but I have no idea what I’m making for Christmas Eve yet. I probably won’t go all out. Maybe I’ll make stir fry or cauliflower and mushroom tacos.

I wasn’t as productive as I wanted to be today. The best I did was clean my kitchen and finish my orientation class at Trident. That is one less thing to worry about. I also talked to Dan on our walk about potential dissertation topics. He is going to be such a great resource for me over the next three years. I’m thankful that I have such a smart hubby. I am planning to do some biostats reading before bed, and it’s about time for me to head that way now. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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R.C. Sproul

December 14, 2017

I was saddened to hear of R.C. Sproul’s passing today. He was a theological giant, ranking right up there with my favorite Bible teacher, John MacArthur. I feel sad, but the same time, whenever a truly saved person departs this earth, I feel a twinge of envy because I know that he or she is […]

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Made it Through Another Day

December 13, 2017

I made it through my work day. It wasn’t bad, but it was more like kid sitting than teaching today. The sixth grade class I subbed for is an iPad class, which means that most of their school work is done on the iPad. On top of that, the other two sixth grade classes were […]

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It’s Official

December 12, 2017

I am officially a Ph.D student as of yesterday. It happened so fast! I sent my application in on Friday, sent my required documents to my adviser on Saturday, and by Monday at 5:00pm I knew I had been accepted. There was almost a glitch, though, which I should have expected since the rest of […]

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Ups and Downs

December 9, 2017

So yesterday was an interesting day. Jasper, my green cheek conure, turned five years old. It’s hard to believe that he’s been part of the family that long. I had tea with my friend Heidi and we chatted for four hours. She is the one person in my life who I truly feel comfortable with […]

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